Typical Itinerary

Typical Itinerary

Personal or Broken Heart Retreats are for two, three or four nights with eight, ten or twelve sessions. Choose what is suitable for you. Below is an itinerary for the most popular retreat—three nights with ten sessions.

All the life coaching and emotional healing retreats are on a one-to-one basis and tailored specifically for you. The sessions are taken as doubles which are two hours long with a five-minute break in the middle.


Day One

Arrive between 12:30–1:30 pm

2–4 pm. In the Sky Room. This may include Life Coaching, EFT or Emotional Healing.

Day Two and Three

7 am. Optional early morning walk with me, to the beach or the clifftops.

8 am. We will have breakfast together. I can prepare anything for you.

From 10–12. Double session using whichever therapies, tools or techniques help you the most.

From 12–2 pm. Lunch break. Quiddles is a popular beachside café and great for a lovely light meal. Or, you are welcome to use my kitchen and dining room.

From 2–4 pm. Another double session in the Sky Room.

On the third day, at 5:30 pm, there is the option to join me for meditation.

Day Four

At 7 am. Optional early morning walk with me to the beach or up to the clifftop.

At 8 am. We will have breakfast together—leisurely departure after breakfast.

arriving the day before

You can book an extra night if you have a long way to travel. The first day is dedicated to your journey to Portland, arriving late afternoon or early evening.

There won’t be any sessions on this day – I’ll simply welcome you to the Jasmine House. We will then begin on the following day, with the option of an early morning walk, breakfast together and then start at ten. See Day Two and Three above – your first day will look like this.