Typical Itinerary for Couples Retreats

Typical Itinerary for Couples Retreat

All couples retreats are on a one-at-a-time basis and tailored specifically to your needs. Couples retreats can be for two, three or four nights with ten, twelve or fourteen sessions. Most couples find the Friday to Sunday option works best to minimise downtime from work and/or childcare needs. Each session is 55 minutes.


Day One

Arrive between 12:30–1:30 pm. Typically, this is Friday, but it can be any day.
2–4 pm A double session with both of you. This is to explore what has been happening between you both. An introduction to EFT and other therapies I sense will help you.

Day Two

7 am. Optional early morning walk with me to the beach or to the clifftops.
8 am. We have breakfast together. I can prepare anything for you.
10–12 pm. Double session – life coaching and emotional healing with one of you.
2—4 pm. Double session  – life coaching and emotional healing with the other of you.
5:30 pm. Optional meditation session with me in the Sky Room.

Day Three

7 am. Optional early morning walk
8 am. We have breakfast together.
This day the sessions will be from 10–12 and either 2–4, or 1–3 if an earlier departure is desired. How the sessions will be split will be decided at the end of Day Two. Usually, the sessions are equally split, but if one person has a greater need, the sessions may reflect this. At the very least, the last hour will be taken together with notes so you have guidance on what to continue with when you get back home. Leisurely departure after the afternoon session has finished.

For complicated relationships or those with a lot of hurt, I recommend a 3 or 4 night retreat with 12 or 14 sessions with me.

For people travelling a long distance to The Jasmine House, it’s possible to arrange a 3-night retreat with 10 sessions. This allows for a late afternoon / early evening arrival on the first day, and then we start on the morning of the next day.