Morning walks and evening meditation

Morning walks on Portland

Up and out before breakfast

Walking in a beautiful nature scene slows thoughts and brings back a sense of inner peace. Portland has a raw beauty, and its energy is healing.

I love May and June when wildflowers clothe the island. But no matter when you arrive on Portland, Chesil Beach is captivating. The island is crisscrossed with paths, so there are always places of interest to visit. I walk in most weathers and leave the house at 7 am. You are welcome to join me—or stay under the duvet before we meet at 8 am for breakfast.

All walks are tailored to your fitness level. We can climb up to the clifftops to admire the views or take it easy by walking to the beach. Whatever feels right on the day.

personal retreats at Jasmine House Portland
Early evening meditation sessions at Jasmine House

Early evening meditation

On the last evening of your retreat, there is an opportunity to meditate with me. We meditate in the Sky Room for just 30 minutes. No experience of mediation is required.

Unless you have a specific request, I usually take you through a breathing exercise, followed by a guided visualisation, as these are easy to follow. The meditation will include a short period of silence.

Mediation aids deep relaxation and helps you experience a greater sense of inner calm. Early evening meditation is a great way to wrap up your time at The Jasmine House. It is, though, optional, and it’s totally OK if you prefer not to join me.