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Healing A Broken Heart: How to let go and feel better

One- to-One Broken Hearts Retreats

Heal your broken heart

Why did it have to happen like this? There are so many memories, reminders and triggers. Aghhh—it is so hard to get over this!

And yet you know you need to. Coming on a Healing A Broken Heart Retreat gives you time out from your everyday life, allowing you to rebalance yourself, pick-up the pieces and heal.

While you are here, my time is dedicated to you. We will talk through what happened and I will help you understand some of the whys as well as show you the bigger picture. Using emotional healing therapies and techniques, you can release your sadness, hurt and any anger you hold. We will work on untangling all the emotions that arise when a relationship doesn’t have a happy ever after.

On the last day of your broken heart retreat, I’ll help you put a plan in place to continue the work of loving yourself, so that when you are ready, a new relationship can blossom.

As with all of my retreats, no-one else will be here so this time and space is completely dedicated to your healing.

What do you do when the love of your life leaves you? Or did you walk away—perhaps finally realising that it was never going to work? Broken heart retreats help you let go of your heartache, hurt and loss, so you can feel better and lighter.

After a break-up, it can feel like the end of the world

When your heart is broken, you need time to grieve and let go of your heartache. Broken Heart Retreats give you time away from every day life to do the deep healing so you can feel better once more.

I am very intuitive and allow my gift to guide me to which therapies, tools and techniques will the most effective for you. This is likely to include Life Coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as standard. It may also include an emotional healing journey, Truth Talking, a forgiveness ceremony and/or naturopathic nutrition advice. While you are here you will talk a lot and I will listen without judgement. I may show you a new perspective or teach you new life skills. There may be tears as your pain is released. And there will be some laughter too.

Every relationship provides us with a great opportunity to learn about ourselves—so we will explore this too. The aim is to gain clarity and re-find inner peace, so that when it’s time to go home, you will feel better, lighter and moving towards happiness once more. Healing heartache is never instant, yet coming on a Broken Heart Retreat helps quicken the process—more than would happen under your own steam. See also my article on my Jennie Bayliss website: Healing a Broken Heart.

What happens on a Broken Heart Retreat?

In our new world of Coronavirus, feeling safe is vital. Please read Retreats during the pandemic to know see the precautions in place for your stay at The Jasmine House.

A Broken Heart Retreat usually begins at lunchtime. This allows you time to travel to The Jasmine House on Portland and to settle in before we begin our first two sessions in that afternoon. Over the next few days, there will be one-to-one sessions with me each morning and afternoon during your stay. This allows for intensive healing and deep transformation in the space of a few days. On the last evening, there is an opportunity to join me in a meditation session. No previous experience of meditating in required.

I am a great believer in the healing power of nature. So, if you wish, you can join me on the early morning walks along the beach, or to the cliff tops on Portland. Please also see What happens on a Retreat? and see my video tour of the house.

Healing A Broken Heart Retreats can be for 2, 3 or 4 nights with 6—12 one-to-one sessions life coaching and emotional healing sessions with me. Each session is for 55 minutes and these are usually taken as double sessions

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The Jasmine House has a wonderful peaceful energy and Portland is rugged with a raw beauty too which makes it a healing to spend time in.

How to book

Email me » (link) or call for a chat on 01305 821799

Arrange to pay the deposit

After paying the deposit, I will send you full details for your retreat.




2 8 £920
2 10 £1,110
3 8 £1,000
3 10 £1,190
3 12 £1,320
4 12 £1,400

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