Couples Retreats – heal the hurt and rekindle your love

Couples Retreats

Heal. Forgive. Rekindle your love.

Couples Retreats at The Jasmine House are for people looking for marriage guidance to help to stop rows or heal their relationship after an affair. When two people still love one another, despite everything that has happened, it is possible for a couple to rebuild the trust, rekindle their love and, if necessary, forgive one another.

I help couples who are struggling with any of the following difficulties:

• Dealing with the aftermath of an affair
• Suffering from betrayal or rejection
• Having constant rows
• Drifting apart
• Lacking romance and affection
• Unable to communicate their wants, desires and needs

Couples Retreats at Jasmine House
Jennie Bayliss Retreats, Jasmine House, Portland, Dorset

A Couples Retreat allows you to start over from a wiser, more kindly place so your relationship can blossom once more.


Jennie Bayliss Retreats, Jasmine House, Portland, Dorset

A Couples Retreat allows you to start over from a wiser, more kindly place so your relationship can blossom once more.

Healing with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Watch this short video about EFT and how this can ease the pain after an affair.

What happens on a Couples Retreats?

What happens on a Couples Retreats?

An emotional-healing couples retreat helps get your relationship to a better place. It begins by looking at the events that led to the difficulties. Also, the triggers that start arguments. If there has been an affair, we will look at why this happened. Couples often arrive at The Jasmine House feeling on a cliff edge. It’s scary and painful as they don’t know how to rebuild their relationship. The process isn’t about wishing for what you once had, because that didn’t work. Instead, it is discovering what will make the relationship work today.

When there is still love for one another, you can find a new, more harmonious way of being together. I have helped hundreds of couples do this, and I would be honoured to help you.

How I help couples on a retreat

All couples retreats are one-couple-at-a-time, so I can specifically meet your needs. As well as relationship coaching, I typically use the following tools, techniques and therapies:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Welcome Home Greetings
  • Life Meetings
  • Special Date Nights
  • Exercises to rebuild trust
  • And if appropriate, Forgiveness Ceremonies

During your Couples Retreat, some sessions are together while many one-on-one. This method speeds up the healing process. When I am working with your partner, you can chill in the house, or go to the beach, or explore Portland. At the end of the retreat, there will be notes for you to continue the work when you get home.

How I help couples on a retreat
jennie bayliss welcome to Jasmine HouseBook your 2-4 night Couples Retreat

Book your 2-4 night Couples Retreat

The Jasmine House overlooks Chesil Beach on the beautiful Isle of Portland in Dorset. The house has a peaceful, calm energy providing an ideal space for healing. Couples stay in the Meadow Room, but the Glade Room is also available if you wish to book both rooms.

Due to work and child-care commitments, most couples book a Friday to Sunday retreat. You are welcome to come for longer or during the week if it’s easier.

To book your retreat, first arrange a free 30 minute Zoom or telephone call using the link below. We can then have a chat as to how I can best help you.

Find out more about What happens on retreats and a Typical itinerary.

Retreat Options and costs

As well as your one-to-one healing sessions, you may join me for early morning walks. On the last evening there is the opportunity of doing meditation. Between sessions, there is time for reflection, walks and naps, as well as enjoying the beauty of Portland and Chesil Beach. Your stay will be in the delightful Meadow Room. If you desire, you may also book the Glade Room.

Two Nights

Book 10 hours with me.

This retreat allows for a great deal of healing in a few days.


THREE Nights

Book 10 – 14 hours with me.

Three nights provide more time and space for emotional healing.


Four Nights

Book 12 or 14 hours with me.

This intense retreat is ideal for traumatic or complex difficulties.

£1,795 – £1,995

To book your retreat, first arrange a free 30-minute Zoom or telephone call. No sales spiel! Just a chat to see how I can best help you.

Thank you for your kindness and assistance over our weekend retreat. You were highly professional but also so warm and welcoming, and you managed a multitude of boundaries with an apparent ease. You navigated us through the ebbs and flows of the weekend, set us challenges and allowed us to confront parts of ourselves, our histories (shared and individuals) and our relationship with depth, compassion and sensitivity. There are rare moments in one’s life when someone changes a whole trajectory and outlook on life. You are one of those people who have done that. We both deeply thank you and are profoundly grateful for the time we spent with you at your lovely home on Portland.

John & Jade, London